Sunday, 21 October 2012

17th October

-more Whose Line Is It Anyway? guests/host activities, >>liked funny accent [European?], imaginary friend, Irish accent

-improv with finger-pointing was very funny > call friend to get her to decde who is better at pointing > Taylor being pregnant, giving birth... >ambulance arrives

-decided to focus on scene between Raye, Pia, Elizabeth > affair, Margot walks in on Fredrick and his sexcretary, wants him to take her underwear, Margot very ouraged
-asks for handcuffs, kinky clothes.... back from Fredrick
>>>Elizabeth's charcter is very kinky, whips Fredrick [who is very old, bad back], music: 'you know how this music makes me feel...'
-set in his office
-tries to apologise to Margot, reveals he has a wife
-tries to get two women to fight together 'fall on top of her..!'
-suggests a foursome, then rages at Elizabeth's charcter for suggesting it
-ends with two women leaving Fredrick??
·  I had an idea for incorporating secret transvestite into a scene >can be on a date and revelas it, date can be shocked, or not know what that is and say its ok when they don't actually understand?? >would like to try out idea...
·  if the idea doesn't work, I would still like to try a scene with a date [in a restaurant or something similar] > Pia =chav-like London accent, Hazel =Russian accent, Elizabeth =French [waiter] >just having a funny date -funny lines: gets served a live lobster etc. >this sort of thing could work if it was just completely deadpanned

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