Sunday, 21 October 2012

15th/16th October


-piece of theatre can be a montage of scenes with a them like 'secrets' [from before with our brainstorming of 9/11]

-we can work with our strong point of improvisations with two characters > start by being moulded into positions and then improvise a small, usually funny scene, anyone can say 'stop' and take the place of one of the people, more people can walk in to the scene whenever they want

-we can do several improvised scenes to get ideas, all based on secrets, and pick out the ones we like the best

Ideas from improvs:
·  infection /medical problem >>South African
·  stealing >>dog
·  affair >>older posh people, Fredrick and Marjory/Sarah and 'sexcretary'
·  trying to get rid of /hide something >>body in river, call in gangster friend
·  trafficking >> European bought-wife
·  pervert >> through keyhole, two men fighting for better position, 'she doesn't even like you'...
·  treatment [cosmetic?] >>whale sperm, gives one soft skin and another a rash, 2 Australians, one English
-want to try: secret life, secret job, addiction, obsession, secret transvestite

-would like to try Russian improv.

-did activity from Whose Line Is It Anyway? with host and guests [all guests had something they had to do or something they thought etc., and host has to guess them, e.g likes to sniff furniture, or hates everyone] >>good way to create characters

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