Sunday, 21 October 2012

8th October

-stuck with character, want to make her a happier person, more funny

-I am discovering that the kind of random lines I want Georgie to have will need to be scripted, I am finding it difficult to improvise with her character
-developed opening scene –skipping across when Raye is doing Inspector’s ‘siblings, uncanny’ section and then stops, looks at inspector and tip-toes the rest of the way across at back of stage –standing behind the screen where Inspector puts up mug shots and says she is ‘thick as shit’>looks out??? –when ‘Jean’ creeps out to follow Inspector, Georgie follows her and they creep around stage, neither knowing they are being followed>Inspector runs off through audience, Jean goes back behind screen, I dive under the side counter -hide there until Jean, Betty and Kaley come out to look for Georgie>surprises them by jumping out and shouting ‘Put ‘em up!’ with a fake ‘gun’, thinks its a game, laughs, gets told off by Jean [try not to make this too serious as it shouldn’t ruin the funny atmosphere] –overheard by Inspector and we all freeze in front of our mug shots…
-starting second scene where we are gathered in Betty’s living room
·         Playing a video game, facing audience, shouting at TV, in my own world

·         Betty disturbs me, asks if I want tea, ask for milkshake, annoyed because I lost the game, no milkshake, Jean gets Betty to give me some milk>ask Jean to shake it?

·         Want to be involved in Bingo robbing plan > infiltrate because I’m dumb and no one would suspect me

·         Enthusiastic about disguise [coloured wigs]
-more people-watching>> Brick from the film Anchorman
·         Seems aware of own stupidity, but has a kind of ‘well, what can you do about it?’ attitude about it, which is funny and slightly endearing

·         Starts laughing at a joke later than other people, as if he’s waiting to make sure it’s something to laugh about it and following the crowd

·         Tries to insult someone back with a similar but worse insult >doesn’t really make sense

·         ‘the guy who can’t think’

·         ‘You’re not Ron’ >> ‘You’re not Jean’???

·         Giggling at rude words

·         Playing with a random object whilst idly listening to conversation

·         Repeats what others say awkwardly, because the words don’t really belong in his mouth

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