Sunday, 21 October 2012

18th September

Created some characters:
-wanted really stereotypical, hilarious characters
-would be good with an old woman who smokes a lot, thinks she's younger than she really is
-a woman with a young child, or a pregnant girl would have comedic value; can't do as much physically as the others
-some kind of stupid or crazy character to have an extreme viewpoint
-slightly more serious leader, but has bad ideas so none ofthem are really clever or cut out for a successful robbery.
-someone who is not in the gang, an intruder, a policeman... , someone who infiltrates their plan

Characters:           -dopey one [grandchild?]
                                -psychotic one
                                -grandmother [old woman, keen/enthusiastic, bad back, drunk?]
                                -serious leader [original idea?]
                                -intruder -clever one [phone call to tip off the victims]
-planning a robbery together of money/object/getting something back that belongs to them?, practice taking hostages etc. with audience, leave with really bad plan[funny]>turn on audience,
Political Protest-
-group of people linked by their hate/anger towards an organisation/group [government, political party?], protesting their anger/their rights
-anger at unemployment? –meet at job centre,
Development from initial material:
-New York -9/11
-plane hijackers, bad unexpected situation, 'secrets'<>theme of piece of theatre,
Comedy because: -different way of expressing the unexpected side, different way to look at the situation, exploring the comedic side of really terrible criminals –bad at being bad,
-criminals, planning a crime, secret, unexpected by the victims, family unaware?,

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