Sunday, 21 October 2012

1st/2nd/3rd October


-people watching or studying TV or film characters to develop own character [people who are similar or have similar traits to chosen character –Georgie]
Brittany from Glee

·         goes into her own little world and comes up with very imaginative stories and things

·         believes in things that others know aren’t true [Santa, leprechauns, thinks babies are carried to her by a stalk (from Dumbo)...]

·         does weird things [keeping bird in her locker, uses curling iron in bathtub to keep from getting burnt...]

·         confuses words [thought ballad was a male duck and that duet was a blanket]

·         says things as if they are true and believes them to be [dolphins are just gay sharks, thought Dr Pepper was a dentist...]

·         writes in crayon

·         seems stupid [no one taught her to read a calendar, stopped learning alphabet after m and n because they were too similar]

·         misunderstands common sayings [‘Take it away!’ ‘Take what away?’, ‘Use protection.’ ‘Does he mean like a burglar alarm?’]
-people watching >would walk with toes pointing in a bit, holding own hands in front of her, usually looking up at sky when walking>walks into things/trips a lot, when standing she bounces on toes
-in class exercise: walking around in character, leading by a certain body part [chin> head in the sky, very aloof, in another world], using a movement specific to character: wringing/twisting hands?
-introduce character in a minute or so: Georgie, 18 but people think she’s younger, like when she went to the cinema and they wouldn’t let her in... she likes having fun, wants to do the robbery because it’s with her friends and she thinks it will be lots of fun to do this with them
-working on opening scene –Mission Impossible>>James Bond theme songs in background
·         rolling out from under side-counter and using fingers as fake gun, fake shooting, pulls out a map [obviously lost], sits in audience waiting to be found by someone else,

·         ditch the map >roll out with ‘gun’, movie lines: ‘put ‘em up!’ and ‘you talkin’ to me?’ to audience, get called back by Elizabeth’s character [Jean]
- post-it notes exercise –quiet/excitable –ditsy/clueless –shy/friendly –bumbly/happy >>> knowing what other people saw my character as helped me to know whether what I was trying to do was working on not, so I could work harder on giving the right impression about my character >> mostly I did want to come across as clueless and happy, but all the words describing me seemed to make my characters sound like a sweet little kid everyone has a soft spot for which is nice but I wanted to improve my crazy side by doing stuff that's more unusual so I would come across as weird more than ditsy.
-not sure about rolling out >have a cloth hiding counter, stick head and ‘gun’ hand out and look around, wide eyed,  point ‘gun’ at audience, crawl out a little way, movie lines still?
-seems like two separate characters: 1) bubbly, happy, dumb, sweet, friendly girl, very open and says what’s on her mind, or 2) endearing and excitable, introverted, not very friendly because quite awkward and weird, watches films like the ones those lines come from and plays video games, more of a tomboy >>> not sure which to play..
-I think I prefer the bubbly/eccentric/in her own world/always thinking about other stuff so often comes out with random things/happy/friendly/walks into stuff frequently/very Brittany-like character...

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