Sunday, 21 October 2012

25th September

-start to work on characters –focus on their physicality, the way they move/hold themselves

·         Crawling?

·         Crouching, suspicious movement, back against the wall

·         Gets lost>oversized map>sits down with audience, bored, falls asleep/bites nails/talks to person beside them???>>gets noticed by another character and dragged away

·         large cartoon-like steps
-news documentary –mug shots [pulling funny face, looking slightly confused/afraid, grinning ridiculously], CCTV footage [hoods]
                Character IDEAS:
·         twitch/character trait: rubbing eye/nose

·         says whatever she’s thinking

·         crouching/jumping around>very energetic/excited

·         enthusiastic as part of gang, relating to robbery, but doesn’t understand or help with much of the plan

·         crayon [writes name on everything?]

·         gets quite close to others randomly, like slinging arm over their shoulder, staring??

·         sings randomly?

·         wears bright or really obvious clothing for the robbery>really dumb

·         sucks thumb?

·         The really sweet and endearing character, partly because of her stupidity and inability to do anything helpful

·         walks into things/gets lost/trips over frequently

·         lives with mum or dad??

·         slightly asexual, innocent mind

·         cleaning job at Sainsbury’s >met leader of gang

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